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This 2-in-1 gas cap tool was designed to help eliminate wrist pain when refueling your car. The Gas Gadget acts as a wrench for those with arthritis, tendinitis of the wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome. It minimizes the effort needed to loosen and re-tighten vehicle gas caps. It may also be used as a prop to hold the gas filling nozzle open at gas pumps where the fill trigger detent is broken or missing.

This is particularly useful during cold or inclement weather. The Gas Gadget is made from molded, black, high density polyethelene (HDPE) and features an ergonomic handle with a textured body. The wrench opening portion of the tool is hollowed out so that the gas cap tether won’t interfere with it’s operation. It is small enough to fit in your glove compartment, under you seat or even in some door map pockets.

Use the Gas Gadget to hold the fill nozzle open whenever you find a broken nozzle detent mechanism. Simply insert the fill nozzle into the filler neck of your car, squeeze the trigger to start the flow of gasoline, and then insert the flat portion of the Gas Gadget against the trigger and balance the round edge opposite the flat in the bottom portion of the nozzle. If not needed while filling, store the Gas Gadget on the access panel door. Easy to use gas cap wrench assists in tightening gas caps.

Reduces wrist and finger joint stress for arthritis sufferes. Minimizes effort needed to loosen and tighten gas caps. Also holds gas filling nozzle open. High density polyethylene, textured handle.

7 inches long.