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Back pain is a common complaints, especially among adults aged between 35 and 55 years. Researchers explain that four out of five working adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. In fact, back pain is a common reason for visiting the doctor’s and absence from work. Back pain covers a wide range of symptoms, including soreness at the lower back, or it may also be felt in the neck, shoulders, bottoms and thighs. The pain for each individual varies in terms of symptoms, intensity, timing, and causes of pain. Some may experience short-lived back pain, while the pain may last for weeks or even months for the others. The pain intensity can be ranged from mild to severe.

The back is made up of a complex structure that held together with bones, muscles, ligaments, disks and tendons. Back pain can develop when there is a problem that associates with any of these component parts. Sometimes back pain develops suddenly due to a sudden awkward movement such as twisting your back or after heavy lifting, or it may develop gradually due to the poor posture for years. Even sometimes a person’s back pain can develop without any apparent reason. In fact, most back pain can be prevented. Even if prevention fails, majority of back pains can be treatened with simple home treatment and proper body, so surgery is rarely needed. Back exercises is commonly an effective way in treating as well as preventing back pains.

Back exercises improves the muscle strength and flexibility so that it can better support the spine, and thus it helps in relieve back pain. In, our purpose is to share and provide our readers with information on the common symptoms, types, causes and home treatment to back pains. We believe that understanding back pain is important in order to learn how to better control it. Information covered here are the common options for back pain home treatment. If your back pain refuse to go away, please consult your medical practitioners or pecialists for the best advice, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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