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Why don't we just begin with some general information, shall we? When muscles go into spasm, like when you're having a heart attack or you have a painful "Charlie horse" in your leg or as is most common, you have back muscles that just won't relax enough to permit your spine to realign properly, take deep, slow breaths, because these are all caused by the muscle's lack of oxygen. Therefore breathing deeply is a great life-sustaining habit for you to develop. Since this website is here to dramatically improve the lifestyle of those of you with back problems or sciatica, we'll center on that issue. First of all, over half of the people in the country have back problems at some time, so you're hardly alone if you do to. But what most folks don't even realize, is that this doesn't have to happen. When walking upstairs, lean forward to shift your center of gravity for better balance and to also shift your center of weight off of your lower back.

This makes a huge difference, try it! Yes, these are merely examples of some methods that anybody can use to improve lower back problems and in essence, begin the Self-Healing process (ability) that God has blessed us ALL with. If you're sitting there thinking, "Yeh, this is great for people with spastic muscles, but what about those of us with more serious problems like slipped, herniated or fractured discs"? Well God took these into account too and enabled us to self-heal, practically no matter what happens. The examples above are only the tip of the iceberg, there are a couple other methods for climbing stairs alone, let alone for doing ALL the things that one normally does during the course of a healthy lifetime. We researched this subject over a couple of decades, with the involvement of several spine specialists such as doctors, orthopedics, chiropractors, homeopaths, physical therapists, a faith healer and of course me. Yes, I was originally the one who was told that the only way I would walk again was to "have an operation immediately".

I was severely injured and totally without hope, as I'm sure some of you are. It doesn't have to be that way. It didn't for me, even though I had been that way "forever", and it definitely doesn't have to be that way for YOU either. This Powerful All-Inclusive 18 page document entitled How To Fix Your Back / Lower Back Improvement Aids For Everyday Use  is available to you today and will change your life forever! You will absolutely be Amazed once you realize that simply knowing how to walk, climb, stretch, stand, sit, work, eat, lift, shave, sleep, relax, dress, reposition your own spine, self-heal and all the other normal everyday activities will naturally heal you and allow you to actually stay healed. Your detailed word-for-word instructions are in Each activity, such as " ", is represented as an easy-to-see title, and then anything having to do with that topic (Dressing) is numbered consecutively underneath that general topic. The language is straight-forward, with no extra wording, only the instructions themselves.

This Powerful Document is written for fast, easy reference and so that you can hand it to your forth-grader to read and understand. So order Now. You have Nothing to lose but Pain and Disability . To receive the most current emailed Adobe Acrobat Reader version (If you don't have this the 6. 0 version is downloaded Free at the Adobe website) of this , please click on the top payment button below or send a check or money order for (US Dollars) and be sure to include your email address , to: Damonstoo 2093 Gochlan Rd. Manheim, PA  17545 Or to receive a paper copy version of this Life-Changing document via US mail, please click on the bottom button below or send a check or money order for (US Dollars) and be sure to include your mailing address , to the address above. Notice that this is not just a fly-by-night P.O. box.

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