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Long term back pain can lead to a disruptive way of life and most patients think of nothing else expect gaining relief from their pain. Some symptoms of back pain include muscle aches, stabbing pains, limited flexibility, andmaintaining improper postural positions in an attempt to relieve the pain. Sometimes the pain becomes so excruciating that the patient has to seek medical treatment from a doctor. even though they have tried various home care treatments. Since the pain usually develops without a specific cause, the doctor needs to run a series of tests to identify it.

Finding the best back pain clinic for your diagnosis is very important. Visiting a website like Stopmypain. info will provide you with lots of helpful information. They can help you find a clinic near you that specialized in back pain, information on your condition and treatments available. Some common causes of it include ligament strain which is caused by heavy lifting that may strain the back muscles, rupture of disks, and Osteoarthritis which is defined as a form of arthritis that wears down the protective cartilage on bones.

In addition to causes, there are some risk factors that contribute also. People who are excessively overweight, who don’t exercise, who do improper lifting, and who have psychological issues such as depression are more at risk for continuous discomfort of the pain. Some people turn to spinal decompression therapy, which can either be surgical or nonsurgical, to help with their pain and discomfort. A nonsurgical spinal decompression procedure works by gently stretching the spine thus changing the position and force of the spine. Its purpose is to take off pressure from the spinal disks and in turn it is supposed to provide relief to the nerves and other structures of the patient’s spine, thus providing drastic relief.

Doctors usually recommend non-surgical decompression to patients who have experienced neck pain, have a degenerative disk disease, or who have worn spinal joins. Overall, the procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes over a period of 20 to 28 treatments over five to seven weeks. These treatments require a serious commitment of time so it is important to find a clinic like the spinal decompression treatments in Ottawa, which specialize in these treatments. In comparison, a surgical spinal decompression procedure is considered a last resort since it is more risky. If patients need this type of treatment, a doctor will usually recommend surgical procedures such as a diskectomy or a corpectomy.

Back pain is a serious issue but people have variety of ways to prevent it. To keep their back healthy and strong people need to follow an exercise routine that does not strain their back and they should focus on regular walking or stationary bike exercises. Maintaining a healthy weight is also crucial along with regularly keeping their muscle strength consistent and improving their flexibility. William Hawkesbury knows that being informed about your medical condition is an important part of insuring your get the best possible treatment. He blogs about common health issues, sharing websites like www.

stopmypain. info/fibromyalgia that help to educate with valuable information and actual locations for treatment like spinal decompression treatments in Ottawa.

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